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Our artistic room dividers are designed to work with your open concept floor plan and allow for just a touch of division between specific areas but still leave the spaces breathe. If your looking for something to give you a little space but not confinement then our room dividers are just what you are looking for. They add mild separation and a touch of class to any space. Each composition is made from high grade rigid aluminum plate. This Art form was created in the mind, reinvented in the computer, cut by CNC, applied with a fine brush finish and protective clearcoat and finally hand finished and signed by the artist.


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"Weeping Willows"

"Harmony 12"

"Circles 9"

$1,535.00 $3,510.00 $2,040.00


"Circles 32"

"Circles 16"

"Circles 6"

$6,780.00 $3,390.00 $1,350.00


"Diamonds 9"

"Diamonds 12"


$2,040.00 $2,510.00 $1,755.00


"Flowing Circles 6"

"Harmony 6"

"Diamonds 8"

$1,755.00 $1,755.00 $1,685.00


"Portofino 2"





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